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FM SERVICES (101.6 MHz.)

An interim set up of 1 KW FM X’TR was installed in the corridor of the Studios at the Emergency Exit. This BE – make Type FM 1C-1 Sr.No. 60659 / 001 was inaugurated by the then Hon’ble MSIB on 01.01.2003 in presence of CEO & E-in-C, All India Radio. This X’TR was diverted from R & D unit and no spares / units / modules were provided with it, except spare exciter unit. This Transmitter has been replaced with R & S make 10KW FM Transmitter.

Installation has been completed on 31.12.2011 and Vividh Bharati FM Services are being transmitted through this 10KW T/R w.e.f. 1.1.2012. Earlier there were only two transmissions of this service i.e. Morning & Afternoon. Now Evening Transmission from 18:00 Hrs. to 23:00 Hrs. is being broadcast w.e.f. 19.3.2012.

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