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The 10 KW FM Transmitter was commissioned on15.01.2005 in Old Cement Godown as an interim set up. The transmission began from 20.01.2005 onwards with 04 Hrs. evening transmission daily at 18:00 Hrs – 22:00 Hrs.

The Transmitter is BE make ( Model FM 10 S ) and is operating at 1 KW power due to non – augmentation of FM radiating. The Gyanvani programmes are played back from Gyanvani Studio, situated in IGNOU Study Centre, Shankar Nagar and received at Transmitter end through M/.s BSNL’s ISDN line provided by IGNOU.

The operation frequency of Gyanvani Transmitter is 105.6 MHz. This X’TR was shifted to new FM X’TR building and reinstalled on 28.10.2005. 06(six) Bay panel antenna has been supplied to the station on 15.12.2006. The same has been installed on Jan 2008. It is being used for transmission with 1 5/8” cable. 08 Hrs.

Transmission of IGNOU channel began from 1st July 2007 ( 06:00 – 10:00 Hrs. & 18:00 – 22:00 Hrs.). The IGNOU building co-sited with studio premises has been handed over to station on 23.01.2008.

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