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There was an under ground cable of 8 pairs laid down between Control Room and Transmitter. Out of 8 pairs, only 3 pairs had been working for almost nine years upto 1988 that too having hum and cross-talk beyond tolerance limit. But now even a single pair is not working since 19.01.1999 due to cable damage. The matter was pursued with DoT, Raipur and they have provided O.F.C. based two Hot-Lines through exchange in lieu of Non-Exchange lines. At present these Hot Lines are being used for sending programme from Studios to Transmitter.

The S-Band RNT provided in April 1983, is got replaced by C-Band RNT on 26.06.2002. The other S-Band RNT is working satisfactorily since 1993.A 15 W single channel FM link was supplied to this station, which was diverted from A.I.R., Patiala (NZ) has been diverted to AIR, Jagdalpur. The STL ( DB Electronica make ,is working on analog channel only, spares for digital mode are not available. Since this STL is under consideration for replacement & hence spares have not been procured.


The CES at A.I.R. Raipur was commissioned on 01.11.2004, supplied by M/s. Arraycom. It is installed in Studio premises. A.I.R. Raipur, being the Capital station. CES uplinks its radio programmes for distribution in its network and plays a key role in distribution network too, such as relaying, coordinated programs etc. A 6.3 mtr. Antenna is used to uplink the signals in C & S Band focused towards Satellite INSAT 3C located at 74° E in simulcast mode and can be received in downlink in S or C Band as desired. The Uplink & Downlink frequencies are (w.e.f.14.05.05):

Two nos. 6 KVA un-interruptible power supply system ( 1 + 1 mode ) is provided for continuous supply of 230 V AC to CES equipments during the power supply interruption. At present, CES is working in Digital mode only, as per CE(WZ)’s instructions.


According to agreement signed on 24th June 2005 between BSNL & PRASAR BHARATI, a provision of News-on- phone services to the subscribers of BSNL was launched on revenue sharing basis. Under Xth Plan, vide CE(WZ) Lt. No. ENGP(News on Tel.) Xth Plan / 4889 Dtd. 24.03.2005, 02 Nos. ISDN PRI Links 2446122 & 2446111 were procured from O/o BSNL, Raipur. For this purpose, ISDN PRI Modem ( 02 pairs )were procured by M/s. Realtime systems Ltd., Okhla Industrial area, New Delhi on Sept. 2005 & got installed. The dialing codes allocated are 125800 & 125900 for English & Hindi languages respectively. The call reports are generated both in English & Hindi, providing the no. of local, STD & Mobile calls. The News on Phone service of A.I.R Raipur was commissioned on 19.10.2007. At present Modem of English NOP is found faulty, hence English NOP is not in working condition.

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