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Code for Commercial Advertising Over All India Radio

Definition:- In this Code, unless the context otherwise requires :-

1. Government means Government of India.

2. ‘Director General’ means the Director General, All India Radio, or any officer duly authorised by him on his behalf.

3. ‘Advertiser’ means any individual or organisation including a commercial concern which has offered an advertisement for broadcast over the radio.

4. ‘Advertising Agency’ means any organisation which is accredited to, registered with AIR as such.

5. ‘Advertisement’ includes any item of publicity for goods or services inserted in the programmes broadcast by the competent authority in consideration of payment to All India Radio.

6. ‘Spot Advertisement’ means any direct advertisement mentioning products/services, their merit and other related details.

7. The term "Sponsored Programme" means any programme material which is planned, produced and/ or paid for by an organisation or individual, including a commercial concern to be called "the Sponsor" for the purpose of being broadcast over the Radio.


1. The Director General, All India Radio, shall be the sole judge of the suitability or otherwise of an advertisement or a sponsored programme for broadcast his decision in this regard shall be final.

2. Broadcast time shall be sold to the Advertiser / Advertising Agencies at the sole discretion of the Director General, All India Radio, according to the prescribed rates.

3. The Advertisement must be clearly distinguishable from the programme.

4. A Sponsored programme shall constitute a substantive broadcast / programme, as distinct from material which directly advertise any specific wares or goods / products / services. The name of the sponsor shall be broadcast immediately before and after the sponsored programme.

The Sponsor shall, however, undertake to indemnify All India Radio against any legal claim that may be brought against it as a result of the broadcast of a Sponsored Programme or any portion thereof.


Advertising is an important and legitimate means for the seller to awaken interest in his goods and services. The success of advertising depends on public confidence; hence no practice should be permitted which tends to impair this confidence. The standards laid down here should be taken as minimum standards of acceptability, which would be liable to be reviewed from time to time in relation to the prevailing norm of listeners’ susceptibilities.

The following standards of conduct are laid down in order to develop and promote healthy advertising practices in All India Radio. Responsibility for the observance of these rules rests equally upon the Advertiser and the Advertising Agency.

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