Land & Building

All the worn out water storage tank of iron sheet are replaced by HPDE tanks in Yr. 1999-2000. The post construction Anti-termite treatment was done in studio building in Year 1999-2000 and in the office building the treatment was carried out during 2000 – 2001. A submersible pump was installed during 2000 -01 in the Bore-well with increased depth in lieu of jet pump at this complex. The flooring of sinking Announcer booth of Music Studio was got repaired as per instructions of CE(WZ) & the tube light fittings of corridor of studios was replaced with Mirror optic tube-light fitting in 2001-02. In year 2003-04, Water – proofing treatment of Studio roof and walls and Major repairing of O.H.Tank at office complex were got done under PRG. Both the Toilets of First floor as well as Ground Floor in Office block were renovated.

The replacement of Lilonium tiles by PVC Tiles was done in Dec. 2002 through project section, CE(WZ). The Gents Toilet of Ground Floor in office block was also renovated in 2004-05. The cement based water proofing treatment on office block was also completed in 2004-05.from PRG (MW) White-washing and painting of studio block and office block was done during 2005-06.

Outside painting of old B & C Type staff quarters was done from the budget of year 2007 -08 and remaining quarters were painted in 2008-09. Existing main power cables of office building were replaced by new cables this year ie. 2009-10. There was fault in underground power cable from sub-station to Block D quarters, the same was replaced with a new one. Windows of the office block at ground and first floor were worn out and damaged, there windows have been replaced with double channel aluminium windows having wire-mesh. The same work was completed in type D block of staff quarters. All the rooms in the office block were distempered from inside.

Transmitting Centre
The Post construction Anti-termite treatment was completed in Yr. 2006-2007.With the construction of new feeder line, feeder path lights were replaced. The acoustic treatment of emergency playback studio has been refurnished along with false ceiling. Studio entrance and sound lock SP doors have been repaired. False ceiling has been done from main entrance door to X’TR Hall door corridor. A new mast enclosure has been constructed CCW from the funds made by available by P & D Unit. Face –lifting of AGD Building at Transmitter was carried up under IEBR(MW).

No other major civil works were taken up during the year, due to paucity of funds. RCC road was constructed from mast to guy wire enclosures. Similarly RCC was constructed around the T/R building in two phases, the first phase was completed in year 2009-10 and the other was completed in 2010-11.