Type I Studio with the following facilities was initially provided:
1. Music Studio with Announcer booth.
2. Talk Studio with Announcer booth.
3. Read over room.
4. Recording-cum-Dubbing room.
5. Interim Studio.
6. Transmission Studio.
7. M.P. Studio.
8. New Recording-cum-Dubbing Room.

Till 1985, all transmissions were put on air from Talk Studio. In 1985, the Read over room was converted into Playback Studio. Since then Talk and Playback, both the Studios are used for transmission as per requirements of programme. In 1990, the Announcer consoles Type A 1406 of Playback, Talk & Music Studio were replaced by KELTRON Make Console type MD83D. The BEL switching console also was replaced by WEBEL, XS12A in year 2000. This year Announcer consoles MD83D of Music Studio and Play Back Studios were replaced by Keltron make 12 channel consoles.

After completion of installation, new FM Stereo Studio is handed over on 26.11.2009. The FM Studio has the facility of one multipurpose studio, transmission studio & recording cum dubbing studio. At present these studios are utilized for frecording purposes.

From, 1st Nov. 2004, the Regional News and other programs are being transmitted from CES, A.I.R., Raipur for the stations of Chhattisgarh state. Earlier for this purpose, leased circuits ( 2 Nos.) were hired from B.S.N.L., Raipur on annual rental basis between A.I.R., Raipur and A.I.R., Bhopal . The set up and X'TR for Gyanvani channel programs are being transmitted from IGNOU 10 KW FM X’TR installed at studio premises since 12th January 2005.