Training to The Staff

Group discussion & lectures of different technical matters were held. All Members of Engineering staff took keen interest in it. The staff is being sent for training organized by STI(T) and RSTI(T).


Training to Students

‘Vocational training’ to under graduate engineering student is carried out local during summer vacations. Normal duration of this training is 4 weeks.

Training to Casual Compares

The ‘Vani certificate’ course is organized by this station for casual comperes as per instructions and guidance of Staff Training Institute (Programme) Delhi.

Technical Library

At present on record, there are 575 books in the technical library in addition to magazines and pamphlets. . Station purchases technical books every year according to the availability of funds & the officials are utilizing the facility.

Engineering Stores

The Engg. Store was shifted in office building as per instruction of Directorate in Yr. 2004-05. Spares related to the transmitter & other allied equipments are stocked at Transmitting centre. Spares for Studio equipments & other article of general nature are housed in Engg. store in office complex.. Spare availability of valuable equipments is satisfactory and necessary spares are demanded from the Central Stores time to time.