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Regional News

Regional bulletins were introduced in the early fifties. The first news bulletins in regional languages were started in April, 1953 from Lucknow and Nagpur Stations. In 1954-55, Regional News Units were set up at Bombay, Madras and Calcutta. This went on steadily and at present there are 45 Regional News Units functioning in different parts of the country.

146 news bulletins in 66 regional languages/dialects including English and Hindi are broadcast for a duration of 19 hours and 35 minutes.

News Timings

आकाशवाणी रायपुर केंद्र से समाचार प्रसारण की समयावधि

राज्य का नाम - छत्तीसगढ़
केंद्र का नाम - आकाशवाणी रायपुर

क्र. कार्यक्रम समय कुल अवधि मिनट में
01. प्रादेशिक समाचार (हिन्दी) प्रतिदिन शाम 07.05 बजे 10 मिनट
02. प्रादेशिक समाचार (छत्तीसगढ़ी) प्रतिदिन शाम 06.00 बजे 05 मिनट
03. ''जिले की चिटठी'' रविवार सुबह 09.00 बजे 05 मिनट
04. ''बातों-बातों में'' रविवार रात्रि 08.30 बजे 10 मिनट
05. विधानसभा समीक्षा (विधानसभा सत्र के दौरान) सत्र के दौरान सोमवार से शुक्रवार रात्रि 08.20 बजे 10 मिनट
06. विधानसभा साप्ताहिक समीक्षा सत्र के दौरान शनिवार रात्रि 08.20 बजे 10 मिनट
07. न्यूज आन फोन
न्यूज आन फोन नंबर- 0771- 2446122
प्रतिदिन हर घंटे 01 मिनट

News on Phone Service

AIR news on Phone was introduced on February 25, 1998 from Delhi. The service provides the latest news highlights in Hindi and English to a listener anywhere in the world on phone on dialing the specified numbers. Later, the News on Phone’ service in Tamil from Chennai, in Telugu from Hyderabad, in Marathi from Mumbai and in Hindi from Patna were also introduced. This same service has also been started from the Regional News Units at Ahmedabad, Thiruvananthapuram, Bangalore and Jaipur in 2006 and from Raipur, Imphal and Lucknow in 2007.

According to agreement signed on 24th June 2005 between BSNL & PRASAR BHARATI, a provision of News-on- phone services to the subscribers of BSNL was launched on revenue sharing basis. Under Xth Plan, vide CE(WZ) Lt. No. ENGP(News on Tel.) Xth Plan / 4889 Dtd. 24.03.2005, 02 Nos. ISDN PRI Links 2446122 & 2446111 were procured from O/o BSNL, Raipur. For this purpose, ISDN PRI Modem ( 02 pairs )were procured by M/s. Realtime systems Ltd., Okhla Industrial area, New Delhi on Sept. 2005 & got installed. The dialing codes allocated are 125800 & 125900 for English & Hindi languages respectively. The call reports are generated both in English & Hindi, providing the no. of local, STD & Mobile calls. The News on Phone service of A.I.R Raipur was commissioned on 19.10.2007. At present Modem of English NOP is found faulty, hence English NOP is not in working condition.